Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Mix: Baba Yaga - So Much of my Heart

Baba Yaga is made up of producers Joseph McGann (aka Kähn) and Sebastian Gainsborough (aka Vessel), two extremely underrated and relatively unknown artists from Bristol. Their self-titled, debut E.P (out now on A Future Without) is the first chapter of the project, a mosaic of beats and haunted voices, a glimpse into the shadows of their sound.

Drawing influence from contrasting musical realms, the music of Baba Yaga drifts somewhere between the raw technique of early Tricky productions and the mournful orchestration of Arvo Pärt, with vocals from some of Bristol's equally reclusive talents. Subtle and melancholic, this music dwells deep in the dark, waiting for you to find it.

This exclusive mix for Don't Panic Bristol Presents: 'So Much of My Heart' mix from Baba Yaga, is a collage of their work from over the past year, featuring tracks from the E.P and an array of previously unheard material that delves deeper into the diversity of their sound.

You can download the debut EP from Boomkat, iTunes or Juno records.

Download Mix here: http://www.dontpaniconline.com/magazine/music/baba-yaga-so-much-of-my-heart

Don’t Panic Bristol Presents: Baba Yaga - So Much of my Heart

1. Trisagion - Arvo Pärt
2. Real Things - Vessel feat. Declan Pleydell-Pearce
3. Jinniyah (Tough Bark Mix) - Vessel feat. Lily Fannon
4. Enfant - Baba Yaga
5. Rotten Games - Baba Yaga feat. Crook Bones
6. You'll Never Know - Baba Yaga
7. Circe - Baba Yaga
8. WDWL - Baba Yaga
9. Effigy - Baba Yaga
10. Rainbows - Baba Yaga
11. My Child, My Chain (Kähn remix) - Vessel feat. Lily Fannon
12. Sepia - Kähn
13. Pillars (feat. Lily Fannon) - Vessel & Zhou
14. Aphrodite - Kähn

For more Baba Yaga:
Kahn - http://soundcloud.com/kahn
Vessel - http://soundcloud.com/vessel

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